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Monday, 4 February, 2008



  1. 1/2 cup tuver dhal (found in any Indian shop)

  2. 3 tblsp. sambar powder

  3. 3 cups chopped cubed vegetables (like carrot, okra, potato, drum sticks etc.)

  4. 2 Red dried whole chillies and shallots sliced

  5. 1 tsp. mustard and a few curry leaves

  6. Tamarind water and salt as required

  7. 1 table spoon oil


  • Cook dhal in a pressure cook until 2 whistles are over.

  • Add all the cut vegetables, salt, tamarind water and pressure cook it for a whistle more.

  • Heat oil and splutter the mustard seeds in it. Add the Sambar powder, redchillie, sliced shallots and curry leaves and saute.

  • Add this to the cooked dhal and vegetables.

  • Serve it with dosa, idli or rice.



  1. 1 1/2 cup white rice

  2. 1/2 cup black gram dhal

  3. salt to taste


  • Soak white rice in water for 12 hours.

  • Soak black gram dhal also separately.

  • Grind the black gram dhal and rice separately in a grinder to a fine paste. Mix them together. Keep it overnight for the dough to rise.

  • Add salt to the dough and prepare dosa after applying oil to the dosa tawa and there is no need of oil if it is a non stick tawa.

  • Serve with Sambar.